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Hi Folks, I've been playing Warhammer Fantasy from early days, although have just gotten back into it after being absent for a number of years. This blog is to record thoughts and experiences from amongst myself and friends. Personally, I am currently working on Orcs & Gobbos and also have High Elves, Skaven and a few Warriors of Chaos. Amongst the other chaps we have every other army covered. We are not die-hard competition gamers, but enjoy the game for the social aspect as well as the hobby side of collecting and painting.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

1500 Pt Greenskins

Ok so my first attempt at an army list after several years (and a few versions of the rules) in the wilderness. Just to point out that my original Greenskin army was based around a scouting or vanguard theme, i.e. no war machines, just troops that spilled out from wherever they were camped (read hiding), picked a fight and then disappeared again at the end of the campaign.

Blac Orc Warboss, General
Sword of Striking, Charmed Shield
Using the figure in my pics with the night Gobbo on his shoulder, the idea is that tis fella is a grizzled, non-to-smart old Black Orc that is manipulated by the little whispers of the short fella.

Black Orc Big Boss, BSB
Banner of Eternal Flame

Savage Orc Shaman
Lucky Shrunken Heads

Night Gobbo Shaman
Channelling Staff

Night Gobbos (35) with full command, spears, nets

Night Gobbos (20) with short bow, 2 fanatics
To hold up a flank basically

Savage Orc Boyz (25), Biguns, full command, additional hand weapon

Spider Riders (5) with Short Bow
Cause I like the figures

Wolf Riders (5) with Short Bow

Mangler Squigs

Trolls (3)

Gobbo Wolf Chariot

Snotling Pump Wagon

Thinking I need to find the points to give the fast cav musos......
Not sure ifI have too many Heros, plus whether or not to include my poor old Trolls...
Comments much appreciated :)

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