About Me

Hi Folks, I've been playing Warhammer Fantasy from early days, although have just gotten back into it after being absent for a number of years. This blog is to record thoughts and experiences from amongst myself and friends. Personally, I am currently working on Orcs & Gobbos and also have High Elves, Skaven and a few Warriors of Chaos. Amongst the other chaps we have every other army covered. We are not die-hard competition gamers, but enjoy the game for the social aspect as well as the hobby side of collecting and painting.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

To Squig Herd or not to Squig Herd

I've always loved squigs - I love the idea of them and love the figures. Usually in years gone by I have tried to field a herded unit. Since coming back to the game I have read with interest a number of battle reports where the O&G player has fielded a big block (e.g. 30 + 10 herders). True they can pack a punch given their two strength 5 attacks and are immune to psychology but what about the alternatives?

Monday, 25 April 2011

Casual game size?

Hi folks, a query regarding game sizes that are popular amongst you all for friendly matches. The chaps I play with all have young families so the majority of our games are played at night. And tournament games are only a few times per year. Typically, our casual game size is 1500 points, with the odd 2000 or 2250 (common tournament size here) left for weekends where our good lady wives tolerate us arriving home in the early hours :). Because our games are very social affairs even a 1500 point affair can take 5 hours (don't laugh...there is usually some serious social chit-chat taking place).

The cost of miniatures

Having come back to the game after a few years away one big difference that strikes me is the cost of miniatures. Is it just me or are the prices getting a little crazy? I appreciate the fantastic detail that goes into the new models these days but still, they are not exactly cheap.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

1500 Pt Greenskins

Ok so my first attempt at an army list after several years (and a few versions of the rules) in the wilderness. Just to point out that my original Greenskin army was based around a scouting or vanguard theme, i.e. no war machines, just troops that spilled out from wherever they were camped (read hiding), picked a fight and then disappeared again at the end of the campaign.