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Hi Folks, I've been playing Warhammer Fantasy from early days, although have just gotten back into it after being absent for a number of years. This blog is to record thoughts and experiences from amongst myself and friends. Personally, I am currently working on Orcs & Gobbos and also have High Elves, Skaven and a few Warriors of Chaos. Amongst the other chaps we have every other army covered. We are not die-hard competition gamers, but enjoy the game for the social aspect as well as the hobby side of collecting and painting.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Chaos Giant Painted

I need to clarify right up front that this is not my handiwork (sadly). I had a game last night against a good mate of mind and he showed me this recently finished figure. This chap always producers work I consider to be outstanding. The pictures hardly do it justice. Nice work mate!

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