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Hi Folks, I've been playing Warhammer Fantasy from early days, although have just gotten back into it after being absent for a number of years. This blog is to record thoughts and experiences from amongst myself and friends. Personally, I am currently working on Orcs & Gobbos and also have High Elves, Skaven and a few Warriors of Chaos. Amongst the other chaps we have every other army covered. We are not die-hard competition gamers, but enjoy the game for the social aspect as well as the hobby side of collecting and painting.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Black Orcs Painted

Finally finished these fellas. For some reason I thought "need something quickish too paint...hmmm maybe something with lots of armour..I know, the black orcs!".
And then the time just dragged on. Firstly it seemed to take ages to get them to rank up properyl. Then I was experimenting with the armour a bit and wanted to try a new colour scheme for the skin (lucky there were only two faces and a bit of flesh showing here and there). Anyhoo I guess they came out alright. Base is not fantastic but I am a novice in that area. I did take the time, however, to put magnets on each so at least the unit is a little more robust when being moved around. Next cab off the rank...big mummy spider :).
.....and yes, I am getting a new camera and some better lighting....these guys are not as dark as they appear.

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